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Top Ten Tuesday

 Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted on The Broke and Bookish about the top ten of almost anything book related. I thought it was a great idea and decided to join in on the fun!
Top Ten Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2012
I read so many amazing books this year and a ton of them were by authors I'd never read. This list is the perfect way to recognize those authors and to give thanks to them for letting me read their books.
1) Sarah Dessen: Before this year I would read contemporary ya but only after a paranormal book. I just didn't like many of the contemporary books I'd been reading and found a lot of them boring. Then I discovered the contemporary authors on this list and I was sucked into the genre. I love contemporary authors now. Sarah Dessen is one of the main reasons I got into contemporary. She writes her novels so beautifully and I can relate to all of her characters.
2) Katie Alender: I hadn't heard much about Katie Alender before this year. Then lists of spooky books popped up along with her name. I haven't read many spooky books lately but hers top the list. They're about being haunted by ghosts and chillingly good.
3) Jenny Han: Jenny Han is the author of The Summer Trilogy. Her books are literally what got my out of my anti contemporary funk. They're this really cute trilogy about Belly and her summers. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

4) : Morgan Matson is yet another contemporary author I found this year. She's written two standalones, both of which I loved. They were both novels that took place during the summer and they both dealt with heartbreak.

5) Gayle Forman: Gayle Forman is on this list because her books made me cry. They dealt with death and were both so touching that I couldn't help but like them.

6) Becca Fitzpatric: I'd been putting off her series for a long time because I thought it was just another series about fallen angels. It was that and more. It was an addicting series that was both cliché and unique at the same time. I wish I could time travel and reread her books.

7) Scott Westerfeld: He wrote The Uglies Series which I did enjoy but I enjoyed his leviathan trilogy even more. The Leviathan Trilogy was basically nonstop action and I need to read books like that sometimes. I love reading books with a lot of action in them, which is why I'm happy I read his books.

8) Richelle Mead: I'd had enough of vampire stories for a while, so I put of reading Richelle. But I eventually read her books and was amazing. They were unique, had a tough heroine, and most importantly kept me on the edge of my seat in excitement.

9) Maggie Stiefvater: I didn't enjoy her Shiver trilogy all that much. Then I read The Scorpio Races and I was hooked. What I like most about Maggie Stiefvater is her writing. She's one of the best writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I'm now eagerly awaiting reading The Raven Boys.

10) Michael Grant: Michael Grant wrote a series about children having to live on their own and fend for themselves, all while the clock ticks because when they get older they die. I haven't finished this series but I can tell I'm going to like them. The plot is fast paced and they have this element to them that intrigues me.

So that's ten of the new authors I've read this year. They're all so fantastic and I can't sing enough praise of them. I'm so happy these people decided to write because I feel like they were destined to.

Does everyone agree? Do you have different books on your list? I would love it if you guys commented with your TTT links, so I could check them out or just comment about your favorite authors.

See you next week. :)


  1. How did I forget Morgan Matson? Great list! Checkout

  2. Oooh, I should check out Morgan Matson's works :D Thank you for the list, you introduced me to more authors I've never heard of before =)

    Here's my TTT. =)

  3. Love Matson and Foreman, I read them last year, they're great writers. Would you believe I still haven't read any Dessen though?! I feel like such a YA faker. ;)

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Han at BEA this summer. She was so sweet and funny, and I really enjoyed hearing her talk about Burn for Burn - she really made me want to read it! Too bad I haven't yet...

    My TTT

  5. Richelle mead and Sarah Dessen are on mine too! They are fantastic I'll have to check out jenny han next

    my TTT

  6. Awesome TT list Erin! My TT list:

  7. I have yet to read all of these! I plan to in 2013, at least a big part of the list.

    My TTT

  8. Great list! I agree on Gayle Forman! I read If I stay so long ago, and have wanted to read the second for sooo long! Definitely have to check out some of your other picks!

    YA Vixens Top Ten Tues!

  9. I agree that Sarah Dessen is a great YA author. We also love Scott Westerfeld. I'm considering trying Maggie Stiefvater this year- seems most have a strong reaction to her books- they love 'em or hate 'em.

  10. Great list! I really need to check out some Sarah Dessen. I loved the first 2 Hush, Hush books but I was a bit disappointed with Silence. I really liked Uglies by Scott Westerfield :) I see Gayle Foreman's name a lot - really must check her out! Great list :D and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    Sarah @ TotalTeenFiction

  11. I adore Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Boys and Scorpio Races. I'm always meaning to read a Dessen book, hopefully she'll be on my 2013 list. Here's Ours


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