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Oath of Servitude by C. E. Wilson

Title: Oath of Servitude
Author: C. E. Wilson
Publisher: C. E. Wilson
Release Date: September 2012
My Rating: 3 stars

Pages: 159
Source: Review Copy :)

"This is the story of Teague and Cailin, two teenagers who have been brought together by fate. Teague, a human, struggles to come to terms with the consequences of a recent accident that has destroyed the happy life that he had once enjoyed. Cailin, a pixi, is trying to stay true to herself while fighting against forces beyond her control that have exiled her from her home into this strange world of humans. She fears the darkness. He cannot escape it. But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light inside of themselves."

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, which I'm very excited about!

C. E. Wilson's writing was delightful. Although some things could've been better, overall I liked it. I did like how descriptive it was and how it made me feel for the main characters. She definitely had her own writing style and it made me care for the characters.

Teague and Cailin are both dealing with terrible problems. Teague was injured and feels hopeless, and Cailin is being punished by her overbearing clan leaders. When she meets Teague, their relationship is a bit rocky but eventually they find comfort in each other's company. One of the things I really liked about this book were the pixis. I don't think I've ever read a book with pixis as one of the main attributes and it fascinated me. The book had a cliffhanger and now I'm eager for more. 

  The characters were well done. They had a lot of flaws and seemed like real people because of it. However, I didn't like Teague. He annoyed me by acting completely helpless for most of the story and always asking for pity. He seemed to lash out at the people he loved whenever he got upset. Maybe he'll get over this in the nest book. Then there was Cailin. Cailin was apparently a strong and defiant pixi but it didn't seem that way a lot. She acted weak but was strong when she had to be which I loved. She would do anything for her loved ones. Teague's dad Owen was a kind and considerate parent who always took care of Teague. He may have been my favorite character. Finally there was Cailin's dad who I grew to love. He put up a strong fa├žade but in the end he was just trying to be a good dad.

The story lost 2 stars for several reasons. Teague was too whiny and needed to grow up. Near the end of the story he started to grow out of this but then he went back to his old ways. Only for a little while but it was long enough to bother me. A couple times in the story I felt like the writing needed to be rephrased. Also, I found myself confused a couple times. I had to think about some things before I understood them.

I would recommend this book to fans of ya paranormal romance or anyone looking for a book to curl up with. It was worth the read and I found it to be enjoyable. It's also a quick read, so if you don't have much time this is the book for you.

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