Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun Day: (1) Giveaway

Fun Day is a feature posted on Mondays. It can be anything from giveaways to random things like pictures, videos, or contests.

Today I have a mystery box giveaway for you guys. Mystery box giveaways could be anything from books/notebooks/book related jewelry/ book related clothing/book related items/ amazon checks/ bookmarks and much more. Because  it's a mystery I can't really give anything else away, but let's just say I wish I could keep it for myself. Enough Said :)

I did make it a two-month long give-away, simply because my blog's new and no one follows it yet. If people do start to follow it, I will definitely add more stuff to the box to make it even more worth the wait.

Just enter the rafflcopter below and good luck!


  1. I'm not sure, if your giveaway is international..... ? :)

    1. I'm sorry, but it is not international at this time. I will try to make the next giveaway international though. It is for US citizens only

  2. Hey love this is extra sweet!
    Thanks =D

  3. I'm sorry, since you didn't state above if it's international I entered. But now I see it's not, so you can just delete my enteries.

  4. Unravel Me or and unreleased ARC! Thanks! Great giveaway:)

  5. Great contest..Thanks for the chance to win...

  6. Yes I would to see the mystery box! XD

  7. Wow! This mystery box is really exciting! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaway would love to see and ARC!

  9. starbucks gift card or box of k cups-anything would be fun really.

  10. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope it's books (and that I win, of course ;)

  11. Any YA or an Arc of anything would be fantastic :D

  12. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    So glad I found your blog :]
    You are off to a great start! Good luck on gaining followers!
    I'm sure you will quickly!
    If you could follow me back that would be great!

  13. Books!!! Lots and lots of books :)


I appreciate all comments!!! It helps let me know that people actually do read my blog. I will reply to all comments, so check back if you would like to see my reply. Thank you for checking out my blog :)

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