Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Books I'd Want on A Deserted Island

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted on The Broke and Bookish about the top ten of almost anything book related. I thought it was a great idea and decided to join in on the fun.

Top Ten Books I'd Want On A Deserted Island

I'm assuming I'm on the deserted island not by choice, and that I want to escape. Because why would I want to be on a deserted island? It would be peaceful for a couple hours, then I'd get lonely and want home-cooked food.

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsThe Harry Potter series are the only books that I can reread a million times with out boring myself. Thet feel like home to me. I just can't praise them enough. Anyway, because I love all of the HarryPotter books equally (... I sound like a mom), I chose the longest one. After all, I'll be on an island with nothing better to do (I hope).

2) Grave Mercy- The main character of this story is tough as nails. I'll need to read about someone like her to survive.

3) Hatchet- This book is about a boy who survives on a deserted island, despite the odds, after his plane crashes. It explains how he survived but in an interesting way, which I'd find useful.

4) The Way We Fall- This is about an apocalypse. So not only will it remind me that there are worse situations than mine, but  also the main character never gives up. No matter what. This would remind me to keep persevering until I got home.

5) The Truth About Forever- This book is just a happy story. After I read it I felt so cheerful because it made me feel like happy endings are possible.

6) Reached- I'm desperate to read this book and finally finish the trilogy.

7) Splintered- It hasn't come out yet, but its on the top of my tbr list. After all, why should I have to read books I already read.

8) If  You Give A Mouse a Cookie- This book is for two year olds but it would be of comfort to me. It would remind me of home and make me feel safe before I went to bed.

9) The Cupcake Queen- I imagine I'd be hungry and the cupcakes in this book sound scrumptious.

10) Let it Snow- Once again, I haven't read this but it sounds good. The winter weather should keep my find of of the (assumingly) hot climate on the mountain.

Thanks for reading this! What books would you absolutely need to read on a deserted island?


  1. Hi Erin! Ingrid here...from goodreads :). Nice blog! I really want to try some of these books you mentioned! I'm okay with YA books, but I really dislike those with a lot of romance...

  2. Oh, and I really agree with you on Harry Potter :)). I've reread the series about 7 times...it never gets boring!!

    1. Yeah, I know . I reread it all the time :) Harry Potter is so amazing!!!


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