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The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Title: The Way We Fall
Author: Megan Crewe
Publisher: Hyperion

Release Date: January 24th 2012
My Rating: 4 stars
Pages: 309

"It starts with an itch you just can't shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you'll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in.

And then you're dead.

When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again. But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike. As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for the island’s dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn't?

Poignant and dizzying, The Way We Fall is the heart-wrenching story of one girl's bravery and unbeatable spirit as she challenges not just her fears, but her sense of what makes life worth living."
- Goodreads

Sophomore author Megan Crewe wrote such an emotion evoking book that I don't think I'll ever forget it. The Wat We Fall is the first book in the Fallen series.She wrote The Way We Fall in the form of diary entries. Normally, I would be annoyed by reading diary entries because they often feel like summaries. The Way We Fall was written so beautifully that I soon forgot everything but the story before me.

Kaelyn is a normal teenager: she wants what most teenage girls do. Friends. A boyfriend. A good relationship with her family. All that changes, though, when a deadly virus sweeps the island she lives on, killing everyone it touches. Horrified, the world puts the island in quarantine. And everything changes.

Kaelyn was a girl I couldn't help liking. Smart and resourceful, even in the face of almost certain failure, she never gave up. The other major characters of the story were all three- dimensional and well- rounded that I fell completely in love with each of them. There was Kaelyn’s loyal family who would do anything for each other. Then there was the best friend who repeatedly endangered herself for Kaelyn. Kaelyn’s adorable younger cousin was someone I couldn’t help but feel for. There was the sweet boyfriend with a hero complex. I even felt for the resident villain, which is saying something. Although I despised one of the characters at first, by the end of the story I didn't know what I'd do without them.

Unfortunately, there's a reason why I gave the book four stars. For the first part of the book, I found what was happening stressful had trouble enjoying it. However, I was soon drawn into the book and forgot my fears. Also, I felt that some of the deaths were unnecessary. Basically, there were just a couple of things that bothered me.

In the end, the good outnumbered the bad. I'd recommend The Way We Fall to fans of apocalyptic stories/ sad stories. Keep in mind that The Way We Fall isn't for the faint of heart. Although the deaths aren't graphic, it is an apocalyptic story and many people die. But  most of all I recommend this book to people who love characters that never give up.

Memorable Quotes:

“You learn a lot when you know no one else is going to do things for you.”

  “Most people think the scariest thing is knowing that you’re going to die. It’s not. It’s knowing you might have to watch every single person you’ve ever loved – or even liked – waste away while you just stand there.” 



  1. This sounds really interesting and I'm glad Kaelyn is a good character :) Great review!


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