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The Ultimate Book Tag!

I saw this booktag on In Love With Words and got so excited for some reason. I guess it's because I've never done a book tag before. I dunno. But I seriously think this is going to be a lot of fun! I hope you guys enjoy reading my answers. Also, I tag all of you, so join in... if you want!

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?

No, actually. I think I did when I was little but I persevered and read in the car so often that I was eventually fine. Car trips would be wasted if I wasn't reading :P

2. Which author's writing style is completely unique to you and why? 
Oh, this is a tough one. I read a lot of books with unique writing styles, which makes their styles kinda normal to me anyway. I guess I would say Michelle Hodkin who wrote (is writing) the Mara Dyer Trilogy. Her writing is unique and I love how it flows and seems almost lyrical. Just read the book description and you'll understand.

3. Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer.
Harry Potter! Forever! Now, although I didn't like Twilight I can't bag on it too much because it got a lot of people to read and many people do like Twilight.

1) I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I was 7 years old. Harry Potter is something I turn to when I'm stressed or just looking for a good time.
2) Obviously, the writing is amazing. It is so descriptive and makes you care for the characters (who also rock) and the plot (which is fantastic).
3) I find the books to be so inspiring. After all, JK Rowling started out writing stuff on a napkin and look at her now.

4. Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is it in (besides books...)?
Hmm... Well, I have a book bag. But I just store library books in it when I'm not reading them.

5. Do you smell your books?
What do you think? Of course I smell my books! Although I try to do it in private after an embarrassing episode occurred with me ending up looking like a book- sniffing weirdo. But I do love the scent of books, especially new ones.

6. Books with or without little illustrations?
With. I love pictures and it's always entertaining looking at them while I'm reading.

7. What book did you love while reading but discovered later it wasn't quality writing? (Ex. I read Twilight before I read HP and thought the writing was amazing but read HP and now think Twilight is a little bit of a joke.)
I have read quite a few books that I liked simply because they were entertaining. This includes most of the books I give three stars.

8. Do you have any funny stories involving books from your childhood? Please share!
Well... yeah. When I was younger, I was never caught without a book. Literally, never. It's embarrassing to think of this now but I used to bring seven books with me to school every day. *cringes* Seven. Even going to the grocery store warranted a book.

9. What is the thinnest book on your shelf?
It's a companion book to the Harry Potter series called Magical Beasts and Where To Find Them about the creatures in Harry's world. It's a very cool book. I loved reading it. It gives some good info on Hermione's cat Crookshanks. Very interesting stuff.

10. What is the thickest book on your shelf?
I'm guessing this means besides the giant textbooks. That would be the 7th Harry Potter book (for some  reason, I've managed to talk about Harry Potter a lot on this survey).

11. Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself in the future as being an author?
Yes, I do. I am attempting to co-write a book with my mom and hope to get it published one day.

12. When did you get into reading?
I'm not sure. I always loved reading. I guess as soon as I learned how to read. Reading is just a big part of me.

13. What is your favorite classic book?
Hehe... Does Harry Potter count? I'm not a huge fan of classic works. I have a friend who only reads classic books but that's just not me. I have nothing against classic books. In fact, I'm trying to read Oliver Twist right now and maybe I'll end up liking it.

14. In school was your best subject Language Arts/English?
I'm still in school actually. My favorite subject used to be English, back when we read books I liked. Now I'm taking AP English, which means reading books that are completely not my style and writing essay upon essay about them. So no not anymore.

15. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated...what would you do?
It depends on who I got it from. If it was from an aunt I barely knew, I'd be grateful she thought of me and then give it away. If it was from a best friend or family member I'd be upset but act grateful and then give it away.

16. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?
I think one of the thing that Harry Potter and the Hunger Games have in common is that they both had a regular hero/ heroine who really stepped up to the plate. Going with that I'd say L. A. Meyer's Jacky Faber series which is about the adventures of a girl. Or the Cherub series which is about children/ teenage agents. It's written by a British author so I don't know how popular it is there but it's not too popular here.

17. What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while blogging?
I say things like I dunno instead of I don't know. I also make spelling mistakes, which really annoys me.

18. What is your favorite word?
My favorite word? I can't say I have one. I'm more of a sound kind of girl. I like the sounds of certain words/ letter combinations. I'm currently obsessed with the sound "Eeeaawww!" It just sounds so decadent and delicious and I'm so hungry!

19. Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?
This is a tough one. I take hard classes but I don't act like a nerd. If that makes sense. I guess I'm part nerd. Actually I'm definitely a book nerd, so I'll go with that.

20. Vampires or Fairies? Why?
I like tough fairies. Like the fairies from the Iron Fey Trilogy. I also love the Vampire Academy/ Bloodlines series. Although Vampires have been overdone, I still like them in a well written story. I'm currently reading the Immortal Rules and enjoying that. I guess... I can't choose. Fairies are more unique but vampires can make a good story.

21. Shapeshifters or Angels? Why?
I like both but I'm going to have to go with shapeshifters. I love how shapeshifters take on some of their animal characteristics in the human form. Plus, a shapeshifter story usually has a lot of action. 

22. Spirits or Werewolves? Why?
Once again, I like both. However, I have to say werewolves. The dead person thing can get a little old. In addition, werewolves act aggressive and trouble manages to follow them.

23. Zombies or Vampires?
Zombies. I do love Vampires but as I said, they've become overdone. I've read some fresh series on Zombies and enjoyed them. The Revenant Trilogy by Amy Plum is a great zombie series.

24. Love Triangle or Forbidden Love
Forbidden love annoys me. I just want to scream whenever it happens because it's just so cliché that the main character would fall in love with the worst possible person for them. Love triangles can be pretty awful. I hate it when the heroin falls in love with the dangerous/ bad guy when there's a perfectly nice guy. I hate it even more when the author makes the nice guy out into an evil one just to help the heroine choose. Ugh! But what's even worse is when there's a love triangle and you know exactly who's going to win. I guess I'll pick love triangles if only because there are some well done ones. 

25. AND FINALLY: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?
Action- packed! I love action. I find it exciting and feel that it adds a lot to a story. Action is a must for me.

That's it. Feel free to join me. Also if you did this tag please leave your link so I can check it out.


  1. Yay you did it too! I love your answers!! :)

  2. I'm glad you did it :) I always smell my books even when I'm reading at school lol, my friends have come to accept it.

  3. Yaaay you did this tag! Love your answers! I smell books too! One time I was in the library and I was trying to smell a book and at the same time making sure no one was looking...and I poked myself in the eye!! So embarassing! But ssshhhhhh don't tell anyone ;P


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